Amazon and Google: bitter rivals?

They compete against each other. You would think they’d keep out of each other’s way.

Google even relaunched its shopping platform last year in order to better compete against Amazon.

But even so, the two companies have a surprisingly fruitful relationship.

A large proportion of Amazon’s traffic comes directly from Google searches.

And because of that, a huge proportion of Google’s income comes from Amazon itself: Amazon is one of Google’s biggest clients.

Focused, targeted advertising

It’s estimated that as much as a quarter of Amazon sellers now use Google to advertise their products.


Without a clear operational strategy, you can find that administration errors and warehouse delays start to undermine the profitability of your Vendor account. Our friend Chris Khoo at KhooCommerce gives a few ways to check and streamline your processes

Profitability on Amazon often relies on the most basic things. Minor errors in your operations can add up to a lot of time lost and money wasted.

Just a quick glance at the Operational Performance tab in Vendor central will help set the scene. It’s not uncommon for various chargebacks to be in the hundreds or thousands of pounds per week…

Avoid storage fees — and more — with FBA Liquidations

Amazon has a new solution for the problem of stock you can’t sell.

It not only helps you avoid disposal costs and long-term storage fees, but it also sees you recoup up to 20% of your stock’s usual sales price.

It’s called FBA Liquidations, and it’s a neat way to get rid of excess and customer-returned inventory.

How does it work?

Unsold FBA stock would normally be either disposed of or returned to you — both costly options.

Under the FBA Liquidations program, Amazon values your overstock, based on your sales history and your average FBA prices, and finds a…

No matter what kind of eCommerce business you run, consistent cash flow is critical to success. Without it, you can experience risks like running out of stock during key holidays, missing supplier payments or not being able to pay employee salaries. Not to mention losing out on opportunities to expand your business.

Many Amazon brands would benefit significantly from some extra liquid cash to help them to run their business more smoothly.

Here are five top benefits to having more working capital for your business from our friends at Payoneer.

1. Improve your inventory

Registering as an Amazon Brand Owner is now even easier, thanks to its new Brand Self Service Identification process. If you’re a brand-registered seller in the US, this means you can now self-identify as Brand Owner for your registered brands.

If you’re not already a registered Brand Owner on Amazon, there are heaps of benefits that make the exclusive program worthwhile — and not just for US Sellers. Amazon’s Brand Registry is open to Sellers on any Amazon marketplace. It helps you protect your brand, take ownership of your brand’s representation and increase your sales.

Read on to find out…

The e-Comas team has kicked off the new year with a bang! We have some exciting new business developments in place to further help you thrive on all eCommerce platforms.

We continue to welcome new team members, including our new Chief Operating Officer, and launch new services to provide even more value to our clients. Who knew it was possible?!

Read on to find out all the latest e-Comas developments and some of what you can expect from us in 2021.

e-Comas new starters

e-Comas has seen significant growth over the last 12 months, including our global team of eCommerce…

Amalia Sebakunzi, e-Comas Chief Operating Officer

e-Comas is delighted to have Amalia Sebakunzi come on board as its new Chief Operating Officer. She brings a wealth of expertise in marketing and business leadership to play a pivotal role in the company’s growth in 2021 and beyond.

But, what did Amalia do before joining e-Comas, what inspires her to succeed and how does she like to spend her downtime?

Read our Q&A with Amalia to find out…

Tell us about yourself! We’d love to know more about what did before joining the e-Comas team.

I come from an FMCG background with 10 years at Procter & Gamble…

Are you making the most of your FBA reimbursements? Getting the full reimbursements owed to you will help you enhance your business growth.

Our friends at GETIDA reveal all you need to know about FBA reimbursements and how you can maximise your available FBA reimbursements to fuel your Amazon business. Plus, look out for the exclusive GETIDA offer for e-Comas readers!

If you sell on Amazon, this article will help teach you the secrets of FBA reimbursements. There are five main fundamentals about Amazon FBA reimbursements that can help turn a loss in your Amazon business into a profit. …

If you’re selling on Amazon, you’ll already be well aware of its many benefits.

  • A global reach, check.
  • An already-established customer base, check.
  • A huge potential for sales and growth, check.

The thing is, businesses face more competition than ever, and it takes more than simply being present on Amazon to build a truly profitable Amazon brand.

So, what are the key learnings you can take from 2020 to help increase sales and scale your Amazon business?

We ask our Amazon experts for their advice on growing your Amazon brand in 2021 and beyond…

  1. Go out to international marketplaces

What a year it’s been! 2020 began with our usual event-loaded calendar, attending some great exhibitions in the US and Europe.

The pandemic sadly put a stop to our travelling and face-to-face meetings and events. But, as the e-Comas team continued to grow, and as we adapted to working from home and attended many virtual events with fellow Amazon experts, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate.

Here some of our memorable moments of 2020…

1. The year kicked off well with e-Comas Founder Jérôme de Guigné knowing the best methods to negotiate deals (hic!)

Jérôme de Guigné

Amazon Expert

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