Your brand’s shop window: Why you should have an Amazon Store

Jérôme de Guigné
4 min readApr 15, 2020
All your products in one place

Amazon has released new updates to its Stores feature, giving brands an even better opportunity to engage customers who are interested in their product range.

Stores can already give brands as much as a 40% uplift in sales, according to Amazon. In our own experience at e-Comas, we’ve seen our customers achieve around a 10% increase in sales after setting up a Store, as well as increases in ad conversion thanks to sponsored brands linked to them.

And with the new updates, they’re an even better way to show off your products — and easier to use.

What is an Amazon Store?

Amazon Stores provide a brand’s shop window on Amazon. Free to use, and available to every Vendor and Seller, they give you a dedicated page to show off all your products together. You can also request an Amazon short url: So it’s like you have your own website that is customised and structured to display your products and marketing content.

We have built lots of Stores for our customers and believe they are a must-have for every brand on Amazon.

What’s the benefit?

Stores are great for helping customers discover more of your products. On Amazon a customer often might not even notice who’s selling what they’re buying: with a Store, you have more of a chance of generating customer loyalty.

Amazon also provides insights that will give you a powerful understanding of your Store sales, traffic sources and potential categories/products. In fact, the insights dashboard includes metrics such as daily visitors, page views, and sales generated that will help you better optimise and track your store and traffic performance, including how products are performing against advertising.

Brand store images let you show off your products in different settings

So what are the new updates?

The latest ones are:

Shoppable images: You can use your most beautiful product photos — lifestyle shots featuring the product in different settings or with other, complementary products — and shoppers can click on each…