TikTok-style shopping: Introducing Inspire, Amazon’s brand-new social feed

Jérôme de Guigné
3 min readJan 9, 2023

- Written by e-Comas Team

Amazon has been dabbling in social commerce for a while now. Its Posts feature allows customers to browse their favourite brands Instagram-style, while Amazon Live has proved a brilliant challenger to YouTube, livestreaming and shopping TV models.

Now it has brought the TikTok model into the marketplace as well, with new product Amazon Inspire.

What is Amazon Inspire?

Inspire is an in-app shopping feed, made up of shoppable photos and short-form videos.

When shoppers sign up, they select your interests from a list — hiking, skincare, gaming, babies and toddlers, mixology — and their feed is then populated with content relating to those interests.

The idea is you can scroll through posts from brands, influencers and other customers to inspire you.

All images and videos are shoppable, so it’s an easy step from browsing to buying.

[Photo credit: Amazon]

Why has Amazon created Inspire?