The surprising relationship between Amazon and Google — and the low-cost, low-risk ways you can benefit

Jérôme de Guigné
3 min readAug 17, 2021

Amazon and Google: bitter rivals?

They compete against each other. You would think they’d keep out of each other’s way.

Google even relaunched its shopping platform last year in order to better compete against Amazon.

But even so, the two companies have a surprisingly fruitful relationship.

A large proportion of Amazon’s traffic comes directly from Google searches.

And because of that, a huge proportion of Google’s income comes from Amazon itself: Amazon is one of Google’s biggest clients.

Focused, targeted advertising

It’s estimated that as much as a quarter of Amazon sellers now use Google to advertise their products.

Google is a fantastic low-risk platform for advertisers.

An AdWords campaign converts into sales well because it’s so focused: you can directly target people who are looking for exactly the kind of product you sell.

It’s great value, and offers an unbeatable return on investment: as much as 200%.

People Google Amazon — yes, really