The rumours are true: Amazon Belgium is coming!

Jérôme de Guigné
2 min readAug 12, 2022

Exciting news for Belgians! Amazon is opening up a new market:

Shoppers there have previously used Amazon’s French, German and Dutch platforms, but the new marketplace will make things simpler for sellers and shoppers alike.

With the new dedicated marketplace, Amazon is planning to open a delivery station in Antwerp this autumn, creating 50 jobs and securing work for 200 drivers through local delivery companies.

This is in addition to Amazon Logistics’ move last year to expand partnerships with local delivery companies, improving its delivery service for customers in Belgium.

1,000 Belgian companies already

Belgium’s already a strong market for Amazon, with people in different regions buying heavily from, and for many years.

According to Amazon, the first purchase made in Belgium — of a DVD of the Denzel Washington movie Training Day — was in June 2002.

Amazon reports that more than 1,000 Belgian SMEs are already selling on Amazon marketplaces.

It says will be “a home for Belgian businesses — small and large — and empower them to grow their online business both in Belgium and abroad.”

Sellers who want to register on can do so now, at

The marketplace will open to consumers in the coming months.

Operating in Belgium

For Amazon, creating a dedicated marketplace in any country raises awareness of the Amazon brand in the country, and it obviously sees Belgium as a strong growth market. A local platform offers a lot of added value for brands and customers.

Amazon Belgium will become the preferred eCommerce site for Belgian sellers, allowing them to expand their business in Belgium, in addition to all the other existing marketplaces. Operating from their home country, using Amazon’s new Antwerp base, should drive huge efficiencies in costs and logistics. Brands are then able to diversify their sales channels and reach more customers.