The five hidden gems of the Amazon Vendor Program

Jérôme de Guigné
2 min readJan 21, 2020
Me, talking about this stuff at White Label World Expo London

Do you sell on Amazon? Are you a Seller, or a Vendor — and whichever one it is, is it the best fit for your business?

An Amazon Vendor sells their products to Amazon, which customers buy under the Amazon brand.

The Vendor Program has costs to it, but there are lots of benefits — including what we consider to be the ‘hidden gems’ of being a vendor.

There are five hidden gems — and here they are.

  1. Protect your distribution

As a Vendor you sell to Amazon, and Amazon sells to your customers. So you don’t appear to be selling directly to consumers, which for some types of products can be critical.

Customers trust Amazon — so for many retailers, becoming a vendor is a great way to build sales, as well as guaranteeing your distribution.

2. Easy pan-EU expansion and savings

The cost of pan-EU VAT registration is around €10K a year. But if you become a Vendor you get access to the whole of Europe (or North America) without having to open VAT accounts to have one-day delivery.

So you can make savings and reach all European customers at a much lower cost.

Here’s a video of me at White Label World Expo London talking about that:

3. Protection against suspension

If you’re a Seller on Amazon rather than a Vendor, and Amazon finds an inconsistency in your account, it can simply suspend you from selling from one day to another. But as a Vendor, your account cannot be suspended.

Here I am again:

4. Benefit from special programs