Surfing the third wave of online advertising: 5 steps to retail media success in Europe

Jérôme de Guigné
5 min readSep 1, 2022

Retail media continues to boom year on year.

Known as the third wave of online advertising, it has quickly caught up with search and social media advertising, represented by the likes of Google and Facebook, to become one of the biggest marketing opportunities online.

Retail media networks, in particular Amazon, have grown with the phenomenon, and now offer advertisers a huge range of budget-friendly, exciting display ad tools, plus the reams of shopper data to fine-tune your ads strategy.

The combination of display advertising and data to track shoppers’ journeys gives the likes of Amazon and other retail media networks an enviable combination.

But, excitingly, retail media in Europe is not yet fully mature: there is still room for it to grow, and for you to grow with it.

Here are five steps you can take to make sure your retail media advertising on Amazon is successful.

With thanks to Innovell, whose report State of Retail Media in 2022: Europe inspired this blog. Download the full report for hundreds of insights into the retail media landscape.

Here is Innovell’s definition, from their report:

“Retail media is a type of advertising which is composed of media placements along the shopper journey, on retailer sites and marketplaces, on external websites, and in the physical retail space.

“These placements are leveraged for advertising aimed at driving more conversions for advertising brands, generating more traffic towards their offering and creating top-of-mind awareness for their products.”

Retail media is exciting for brands. Not only does it offer fully measurable sales, it allows you to boost your presence all the way along the marketing funnel, from initial discovery to purchase. And it offers deep insights, in real time, into consumer behaviour and market trends.

Here’s how to get started.