e-Comas launches complete guide to Brand Registry

Jérôme de Guigné
4 min readMar 16, 2023

- Written by Jess Chapman

We’re proud to announce our new white paper: Owning your brand on Amazon: Why you need Brand Registry.

Launched today, the white paper is a complete analysis of Amazon Brand Registry, detailing all its features — from its IP protection tools, to its enhanced advertising opportunities.

It includes commentary from our friends and partners in the eCommerce industry about why Brand Registry is such a no-brainer for brands selling on Amazon.

Brand Registry: a must

Yes, we’re shamelessly partisan on this one: Brand Registry is a must for brands selling on Amazon.

Protecting your brand and intellectual property from counterfeiters and listings hijackers is an obvious benefit, but there are dozens more.

Sellers that don’t register their brand can only advertise in the most basic way, with basic listings, and are less likely to see their Amazon sales take off.

Enrolling in Brand Registry gives you more sophisticated advertising methods, allows you to enhance your listings content, and also unlocks better support — as well as many other benefits.

Our survey said…

Brand and IP protection are, in fact, surprisingly low on the list of what sellers enrolled in Brand Registry most benefit from, according to our survey of Amazon sellers, the results of which are published in the white paper.

There are scores of other major benefits that are less well known too. Our survey found that while most sellers are enrolled in Brand Registry, lots of them aren’t making full use of the benefits.

These benefits include advanced advertising methods (Sponsored Display, Sponsored Video), brand-building tools (Enhanced Content, Amazon Stores), social media features (Amazon Live, Amazon Posts) and launch tools (New Seller Incentives).

Our white paper gives a complete picture of these benefits, and should provide a valuable tool for businesses looking to…