Amazon AVS: is it worth the money?

Jérôme de Guigné
4 min readMar 9, 2020
AVS allows Vendors to get support from Amazon’s own team. Photo by

If you’re a successful Vendor on Amazon, you might have been offered AVS: Amazon Vendor Services.

Available only for top-tier Level of Service Vendors, it’s sold as a chance to “grow with Amazon and unleash full potential”. It sounds very much like services provided by any Amazon agency.

Some say it’s really useful because you get help from the inside, but a majority are complaining about the lack of results, and believe this is yet another trick by the Seattle giant to get some extra fees from large brands.

Let’s dive into this and find out what it’s all about, this very-much-challenged program from Amazon: is it a great deal, or a waste of money?

What is AVS?

Amazon Vendor Services gives new tools and improved access to internal processes, plus business advice, to improve your brand’s presence on Amazon. It’s basically extra capability — people — working to improve your catalogue from the inside.

As AVS is internal support dedicated to your account, it comes at a price — which depends on how big your business and yearly revenue is, how many marketplaces/countries you want covered, and whether you want ‘full’ or ‘light’ support.

There are five support pillars you can choose from. They are: